All the questions Meghan and Harry didn’t answer in Oprah interview

Joanna Taylor
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Introducing her eagerly anticipated 90-minute interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Oprah Winfrey stressed that “no subject is off limits”.

Indeed, over the course of the interview which aired in the US on CBS last night, Meghan and Harry delved into their relationship with the royal family and other aspects of royal life not usually publicly discussed.

Meghan alleged that a royal raised “concerns” about how dark her child’s skin would be, for instance, and that the royal household refused to help her when she opened up about having suicidal thoughts.

Prince Harry, meanwhile, said that his father, Prince Charles, stopped taking his calls as he prepared to leave the royal family last year and claimed to have been “cut off” financially before leaving the UK.

But, naturally, some questions remain – and others have been raised by the interview.

Harry and Meghan refused to reveal the name of the royal who made racist comments during Meghan’s first pregnancy, for instance. The couple said that doing so would be too “damaging”, but this is unlikely to quell speculation.

Meghan also did not name the individual she approached when experiencing suicidal thoughts, simply referring to them as “one of the most senior people” in the royal household.

She and Harry were at pains to stress the difference between royal staff who denied her help and the public-facing royal family themselves.

It’s also not known why Meghan didn’t receive more guidance from the Firm on “how to be royal”.

The Duchess said that she wasn’t told “how to speak, how to cross your legs, how to be royal” adding that there’s “none of that training”.

Other experiences Meghan shared also raise questions.

Meghan claims that Kate Middleton made her cry during a conversation about flower girl dresses ahead of her wedding. At the time, several media outlets reported that Meghan had in fact made Kate cry.

It’s not known what Kate said that ultimately prompted her to send flowers and a note to Meghan by way of an apology.

It’s also not known who in the royal family was “jealous” of Meghan because of the ease with which she carried out her duties on a royal tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Or what the couple will name their daughter: the duchess revealed during her interview that she is currently expecting a girl.

In the longer term, the explosive interview raises questions about Harry and Meghan’s future relationship with the royal family – and about the institution of the monarchy itself.

How will the royal family react to the couple’s allegations and how much damage will they ultimately do?

While the royals do not typically speak on such matters to the press directly, people will want to know why Meghan wasn’t better supported, even when suicidal.

Meghan was, moreover, not asked about the bullying allegations made against her and first reported in The Times: the interview was recorded before they were published.

Meghan denied driving out two personal assistants and humiliating another. The outcome of a Buckingham Palace investigation into this – like so much else – remains to be seen.

Some of these questions are likely to be answered in the coming days: the palace is unlikely to remain completely silence in the wake of such an explosive interview. But the answers to some questions may never come to light.

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