Quiet On Set Got Into Detail About The Amanda Show. Why Nickelodeon Alum Amanda Bynes Reportedly Passed, But Her Co-Star Is Speaking Out

 Amanda Bynes on The Amanda Show.
Amanda Bynes on The Amanda Show.

Since the release of Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, much has been said about the stories shared by former Nickelodeon child actors. Many of them made claims about their time working on productions created by Dan Schneider, who is no longer with Nick. He’s been accused of fostering a toxic workplace environment that reportedly put young actors in inappropriate situations. While a number of alums have spoken out, some haven’t, including Amanda Bynes, though her eponymous series, The Amanda Show was tackled in detail. Now, one of her former co-stars is speaking out, and we have alleged details on why Bynes opted not to.

Why Did Amanda Bynes Reportedly Choose Not To Participate In The Docuseries?

According to reports, Amanda Bynes as well as her parents, Lynn and Rick, were all offered the chance to discuss their experiences with Nick on Discovery Investigation’s docuseries. They ultimately turned down the chance and, according to TMZ, this is allegedly due to Amanda not having the same experience with the network as her contemporaries who appeared on the show. Sources went on to tell the news outlet that the former actress is grateful when it comes to her professional beginnings on the children’s channel. It’s also noted that, as of this writing, she has not watched the doc (which can be streamed with a Max subscription).

Amanda Bynes – who was under a conservatorship through 2022 – was arguably one of Nickelodeon’s biggest stars during the mid ‘90s and early ‘00s. Before headlining her own show, she was also a key cast member on the variety sketch series All That. Dan Schneider was a driving creative force behind both programs and, when apologizing for the claims presented in the bombshell production, he shared a story about Bynes. He claimed that at one point in her teens, Bynes was having trouble with her parents and that during one particular instance, she called him late at night and was in “distress.” Schneider alleged that he called the police who escorted Bynes to safety. The What a Girl Wants star has yet to officially respond to her former collaborator’s anecdote.

Meanwhile, a video clip from The Amanda Show, which features the lead actress and Dan Schneider in a hot tub, is making the rounds on TikTok. Schneider has addressed such scenes saying that those moments only feel like racy content due to “adult minds” that view them with that context. Whether Bynes ever chooses to speak out on this controversy remains to be seen. However, her former co-star didn’t mince words when opening up about her experiences.

What Nickelodeon Vet Raquel Lee Had To Say About Her Time Working At The Company

Former child star Raquel Lee was one of the original cast members of The Amanda Show and appeared in a number of sketches during its three-season run. She was also one of several actors to open up about her experiences on the four-part documentary. Lee subsequently took to Instagram to share a lengthy and emotional message. After candidly discussing her desire to be an actor as a child, she discussed the challenges of being accepted while playing the “token ‘black friend’”. She also said the following:

I’ve been in deep pain the past few days watching the documentary ‘Quiet on Set’. To know that I am not alone in some of the things I experienced as a child actor, but to also hear the types of environments I was in as a kid without even knowing, just sickens my stomach. I know that everything happens for a reason and we all deserve to heal from our trauma, but this is so hard to take in. I struggled to be apart of this documentary because although this industry has caused me a lot of pain, there was still something in me that felt I shouldn’t say anything that I went through because ‘what if people don’t want to work with me anymore’ but then I realized, I’ve been fighting to be seen and heard for sooooo long in this industry. I’ve paid my dues, I’ve put in the work, and now I can be ok walking away with my head held high. What’s most important is that we all begin our healing, now that we have more clarity and truth.

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Per the Proud Family alum’s sentiments, following her various experiences, she felt that now was the time for her to say her piece. Raquel Lee is just one of a few African American former Nick stars who’ve shared grievances, like All That’s Giovonnie Samuels and Leon Frierson. Fellow AT alum Bryan Hearne also got candid about the young Black actors being put in stereotypical roles and demeaning situations while performing.

Another star who discussed their experiences on the doc is fellow Amanda Show alum Drake Bell, who eventually went on to co-headline the hit show Drake & Josh. While opening up, Bell said that he was sexually abused by dialogue coach Brian Peck, who was ultimately convicted in 2004 on two counts of lewd acts with a minor. Some of Bell’s former co-stars have reacted via statements, including Josh Peck. Raquel Lee also responded in a TikTok video that you can see below:

At this point, it would seem that Quiet on Set is having a ripple effect and sparking a viral conversation about safety for child actors. After the Amanda Show stars, it’s unclear as to whether other Nickelodeon alums might come forward with claims or choose not to.