Quiz! How well do you know Coronation Street's most iconic storylines?

Katie Archer
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How well do you know the biggest plots on the cobbles? (ITV)
How well do you know the biggest plots on the cobbles? (ITV)

Coronation Street has a big birthday this year as it celebrates 60 years on our screens.

The longest-running soap opera in the world first aired on December 9, 1960, and since then has seen 57 births, 146 deaths, and 131 weddings as well as transport disasters, the first transgender character, and some truly terrifying serial killers.

The show will mark its 60th anniversary this December with three long-running storylines reaching thrilling crescendos.

Viewers awaiting the outcome of Yasmeen’s trial will get a verdict, while back in the neighbourhood Adam and Carla are trying to keep their recent one-night stand under wraps. But as we know, buried secrets do tend to have a habit of rising to the surface in soapland.

Finally, the race is on to save the Street itself as unscrupulous property developer Ray Crosby brings the bulldozers in.

Salford-born writer Tony Warren's creation has a special place in our hearts, but how well do you know some of its biggest storylines?

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