Quiz: Can you spot the correct mispronounced saying?

Quiz: Can you spot the correct mispronounced saying?

Many of us misuse common phrases, or just say them ever-so-slightly wrong - for instance, ‘nip in the butt’, rather than ‘nip in the bud’.

Known as ‘eggcorns’, these mispronounced phrases can lead to something meaning completely the opposite of what you meant (or just being absolute nonsense).

So do you fall victim to eggcorns? Test your knowledge of commonly mispronounced phrases in Britain with our 15-question multiple choice quiz.

Each question pits the right answer against the mistake people commonly make when saying or writing it.

We’ve also provided an explanation of some of the most confusing ones (as a lot of mispronounced and misspelt phrases tend to be ones with unusual or old-style words).

Test your luck against Britain’s most confusing phrases below!

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