Quiz! Are you an expert on famous UFO and 'alien' sightings?

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Quiz! Are you an expert on famous UFO and 'alien' sightings?

This week will see the release of a long-awaited Pentagon report detailing what the US government knows about “unidentified aerial phenomena”, more commonly known as UFOs.

For UFO fans, it’s a big moment and could offer an explanation for recent cockpit videos showing strange objects in front of US planes.

But after more than 70 years of alien sightings, how much do you know about UFOs?

Our UFO quiz will challenge your knowledge of the most famous UFO sightings out there, and the investigations into visitors from beyond the stars.

The 15-question multiple choice quiz starts off pretty easily, with some pretty obvious questions most people could get from general knowledge.

But as you go on, it gets trickier and trickier.

Is the truth out there? Try your luck below!

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