Rabbits Ring in Lunar New Year at Adelaide Zoo

Rabbits at Adelaide Zoo partook in Lunar New Year celebrations, feasting on vegetables and frolicking around decorations, footage released by Zoos SA on January 22 shows.

“We know a lot of the zoo’s community celebrate Lunar New Year so we are excited to welcome in the Year of the Rabbit,” she said. “This lunar year is predicted to bring hope and prosperity and here at Zoos SA, we hope this will mean some amazing conservation outcomes for species both here and around the world.” Credit: Zoos SA via Storyful

Video transcript



- Wow.

- Yeah, he looks like velvet.

- Yeah.

- She's got to find some more edibles, Mila?




- Yeah.

- That's real excitement.


- Careful driving.

- Look where you're going.

Yeah, look where you're going. [INAUDIBLE]


- Usually, they eat the food a lot faster than they're doing right now.

- It's a lot going on. It's many rabbits.

- Aw.

- What else are you guys playing today? You guys are--

- Will, what's the square root of [INAUDIBLE]?


- Is that [INAUDIBLE]?


- Well, move on.