Race Across The World 2024 line-up in full

The Bafta-winning race show returns for a fourth series

The cast of Race Across The World series 4
Race Across The World series 4 is coming to BBC One this April. (BBC)

Hit BBC travel series Race Across The World is back, inviting a new batch of contestants to embark on a high-speed quest to get from A to B by any means necessary – all without the use of air travel.

The show’s three previous outings have sent players on perilous treks from London to Singapore, Mexico to the most Southern city in the world, and Vancouver to Newfoundland, with the couple who completes their journey the fastest emerging victorious.

A fourth outing is all but imminent and with it comes a brand new challenge, one that’ll see them cross multiple borders and traverse treacherous volcanic land. While we wait for the starting pistol to fire, here’s everything we know about the return of the BBC’s Race Across The World.

When does Race Across The World start?

Alfie and Owen on Race Across the World 2024
The hit travel series returns to BBC One on 10 April. (BBC)

Series four of Race Across The World will start on Wednesday 10 April at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer. The series will consist of eight, hour-long episodes which will be released every Wednesday.

Watch the trailer below:

Who is the narrator of Race Across The World 2024?

Actor John Hannah will once again return to narrate the show, taking us inside each player’s journey and sticking with them all the way to the finishing line.

What is the route for Race Across The World 2024?

Eugenie and Isabel on Race Across the World 2024
Race Across The World takes players on a journey across Eastern Asia. (BBC)

Race Across The World 2024 will take the action to Eastern Asia, inviting contestants to tackle a mammoth 15,000-kilometre journey from the Northernmost area of Japan to the idyllic Indonesian paradise island of Lombok.

Along the way, players will have to pass through eight different border crossings, cross six seas and come dangerously close to the highly volcanic most geologically unstable place on Earth.

All this must be completed via any form of travel they can get access to as long as it’s not air travel. As with previous series, challengers must leave their bank cards and smartphones at home, making their journey even trickier to complete.

What is the Race Across The World prize?

So we know what each team must do to emerge on top but what will the winning duo take home after putting in the hard work required to make this trip in the fastest time possible?

The answer? A £20,000 cash prize.

Who are the constestants on Race Across The World 2024?

The cast of Race Across The World series 4
Race Across The World stars Brydie, Sharon, Stephen, Viv, Eugenie, Isabel, Alfie, Owen, Betty and James. (BBC)

Race Across The World series 4 has gathered five duos to complete its latest adventure – but only one team can emerge as its winner.

Sharon and Brydie

Sharon and Brydie on Race Across the World 2024
Sharon and Brydie on Race Across the World 2024. (BBC)

Mother and daughter duo Sharon and Brydie didn’t formulate a plan before embarking on the trip, readily admitting that they were “winging it.” That said, the pair are confident that their family link will be the key to winning the show.

“We're Mum and Daughter so we’re sharing everything. So, one’s got shampoo, one's got conditioner, you know, to lighten the load,” laughs Sharon.

“I think that’s our best strategy, our relationship, because we’re really tight,” adds Brydie. “We can sleep anywhere, you can leave us on the floor with our backpacks on and we’ll sleep. We’re good like that. That’s a strategy right there!”

Owen and Alfie

Alfie and Owen on Race Across the World 2024
Alfie and Owen on Race Across the World 2024. (BBC)

Trainee pilot Owen and football referee Alfie are best friends from school but will embarking on such a challenging trip put their friendship to the test? Owen doesn't think so.

“When we were both in sixth form, we both discovered that we really liked travelling, so then we started going on trips together, the cheapest flights we could get whenever and wherever and then I guess it’s kind of spiralled from going to Europe for a weekend to this,” says Owen.

Meanwhile, Alfie’s convinced that he’ll manage to keep a level head when the going gets tough: “I prefer working under pressure than without it,” he reasons. “I think in terms of that, I should be alright.”

Eugenie and Isabel

Eugenie and Isabel on Race Across the World 2024
Eugenie and Isabel on Race Across the World 2024. (BBC)

Another mother and daughter duo, teacher Eugenie and clinical scientist Isabel openly admit that they can clash from time to time but they’re also good at working together towards shared goals.

“I put in the application because although it seemed quite intense, I thought it would be something cool for us to bond together in the process,” says Isabel. “Mum and I are not as close as we could be so I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore."

“When she said it would be a good time for us to really bond and spend time together I thought actually, she’s right because Isabel’s language of love is time and we haven’t actually really had the quality time that we could have had recently,” says mum Eugenie. “So I thought this is going to be brilliant, 24/7 just with each other all the time, we’ve got no choice but to work things out and bond.”

Betty and James

Betty and James on Race Across the World 2024
Betty and James on Race Across the World 2024. (BBC)

Sister and brother team Betty and James come from differing ends of the travel spectrum – one prefers backpacking while the other is more comfortable in Magaluf. However, both are convinced this trip will help solidify their sibling relationship.

“I think as we grow into adults, and obviously I’ve moved out of the family home now, I have my own house, just knowing that we are there for each other when we need it,” says Betty on how she feels the trip will change them.

Meanwhile, James already has his eyes firmly fixed on the finishing line: “We just want to complete the race. We don’t want to get chucked off or eliminated or anything.”

Stephen and Viv

Stephen and Viv on Race Across the World 2024
Stephen and Viv on Race Across the World 2024. (BBC)

Retired couple Stephen and Viv joined Race Across The World to fulfil an adventurous itch. “​​We’d watched the series on TV, and we just thought we wanted to have a go,” says Stephen. Viv agrees: “I think we’re a bit gung-ho and we don’t sort of sit back and think “no, I don’t think we can do that.”

Still, the retired life has provided a level of luxury that likely won’t be present during this particular trip. “We spent the first 10 years of our life carrying our own pillow with us on holidays, we’d have two suitcases, one with the pillows in and one with the clothes in, we’ve got out of that eventually but yes, we do rather like to be looked after so we will see,” says Stephen.

“We certainly do like to know where our bed is and where we can have a bath, so yes this is going to be out of our comfort zone,” adds Viv.

Race Across The World starts at 9pm on Wednesday 10 April on BBC One and iPlayer.