Race Across The World viewers baffled by big change

Some viewers think this season's challenge is a bit 'pedestrian'

Race Across The World S3,31-03-2023,Monique, Ladi, Tricia, Cathie, Tricia, Claudia, Kevin, Zainib, Mobeen, Marc, Michael,Studio Lambert,Mackenzie Walker
Race Across The World is back for a new series. (BBC)

Race Across The World viewers admitted they were baffled as the teams on the new series were tasked with travelling through just one country.

The adventurous show sees contestants racing to a certain point without using planes, with the participants making their way from London to Singapore in season one and from Mexico City to Argentina in season two.

But in the third series of the BBC show, which started this week, they are dashing across Canada from Vancouver to St John’s in Newfoundland.

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It's thought the format change was brought in because the series was filmed last year, and things were not back to normal amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Race Across The World S3,22-03-2023,1,Claudia & Kevin
The contestants are racing across Canada. (BBC)

But many fans of the series were unimpressed.

"Programme is called Race Across The World but they are only sticking to one country???" asked one viewer on Twitter.

Another posted: "Does a trip across one country make it a race across the world?"

"I enjoyed the previous two series of #RaceAcrossTheWorld and I'm glad to see it's back, but how exactly is a race across one country a 'race across the world'?" asked another.

"Love Race Across The World but I think going across Canada is a bit pedestrian in comparison to previous series," said another.

Somebody else said: "Loved #RaceAcrossTheWorld and I know COVID changed things but I will miss the challenges of language/culture barriers now their journey is across one country rather than several this series."

Race Across The World S3,29-03-2023,2,Marc and Michael
Some fans aren't happy about the race only being in Canada. (BBC)

However, others said they were just thrilled the programme was on at all.

"I thought #RaceAcrossTheWorld might feel a bit one-note just taking place in one country, but honestly, I’m SO HAPPY it’s back," said one.

Another wrote: "If I see one more person moaning about 'this is just one country, not the world...' they did this to get us a new series!!

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"The COVID rules globally were *still* strict when this filmed last summer so please, BE HAPPY WE HAVE A SHOW."

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