Race Across the World's Betty and James almost out after passport drama

There was another tense moment for the brother and sister as it looked like their time in the BBC show might be up.

Race Across The World S4,15-05-2024,6,Betty & James,Studio Lambert,Studio Lambert
Betty and James had another passport drama in Race Across the World. (BBC)

Race Across the World's Betty and James found themselves at the centre of another lost bag drama after realising they had misplaced their passports for a second time.

Viewers could not believe that the BBC One show's contestants had lost their passports again after an almost identical incident a couple of weeks earlier.

Meanwhile, there was hilarity as Stephen and Viv went in search of the 17th prettiest street in the world.

Betty and James suffered every traveller's nightmare in this week's episode when Betty realised that she had left her bum bag on a bus - containing their passports.

If the brother and sister had been unable to get their passports back, it would have meant an early end to their race as they would have been unable to cross between countries to reach the final checkpoints.

To make matters worse, this was the second time the pair had misplaced their passports as a couple of weeks earlier, James had left his bum bag containing them on a bench.

Viewers couldn't believe they were suffering the same problem again as one commented on X: "Oh no! This is their 2nd passport issue."

Someone else added: "One all on the lost passport fronts." Another person wrote: "You’d think they’d learn from the previous time leaving their passport! Ffs."

"But how do you not feel your passport a million times when your in a foreign country?? How? I check my passport every half an hour and its in a inner bag inside what am wearing," wrote another viewer.

Race Across The World S4,15-05-2024,6,Betty,Studio Lambert,Studio Lambert
Betty was relieved that the driver found their passports. (BBC)

Luckily, after a sleepless night worrying about getting the passports back, they were found by the bus driver and Betty and James were able to continue with their race.

One viewer commented: "Well... i'm glad they got the bag back against all the odds ....anyways.... no more passport drama please."

While Betty and James were stressing over their lost passports, Stephen and Viv were unable to find the 17th prettiest street in the world which they had travelled far out of their way to view.

The street is apparently in George Town, Malaysia and Viv had been keen to see it for herself, but after a frustrating wild goose chase around the city they had to give up and agree to Google it once they got home.

Viewers found the scenes hilarious as one person commented: "Never pass up an opportunity to see the 17th prettiest street in the world."

Someone else wrote: "Nooo, how will we ever know what the 17th prettiest street in the world looks like??"

While another viewer commented: "I need to see the 18th & 16th most beautiful streets in the world before seeing the 17th & if it deserves that position."

Race Across the World airs on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesdays.