Race Across The World season 4 cast and route confirmed

race across the world season 4 cast
Race Across The World cast and route confirmedBBC/Studio Lambert/Pete Dadds

Wholesome adventure shows do not get much better than Race Across The World. Last year saw us treated to a season which saw contestants travel across Canada with no smartphones, credit cards, internet or technology in hopes of winning a huge cash prize, and now another one is officially on the way.

The BAFTA-award winning series will return with team members taking a shot at winning £20,000. Here's everything you need to know about series four of Race Across The World.

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When is the next season of Race Across The World being released?

Big news, fans: the first episode will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm on Wednesday 10th April 2024.

Who is in the cast for Race Across The World season 4?

The brand new cast for Race Across The World season four has officially been announced and includes two mother and daughter duos: Byrdie and Sharon and Eugenie and Isabel; best friends Alfie and Owen, married couple Stephen and Viv, and brother and sister duo Betty and James.

See the full cast here:

race across the world season 4 cast
BBC/Studio Lambert/Pete Dadds

What is the Race Across The World season 4 route?

The new series race will see contestants head to Asia, where they are racing from the start line in northern Japan to the finish line in Lombok, an island in Indonesia.

Throughout their journey they will have to cross 15,000 kilometres and travel through eight borders and six seas.

What was the application process for Race Across The World season 4?

Sadly applications closed back in May 2023 for the next series, but if you're intrigued to know what it takes to grab your backpacks and boots, a post on the BBC website popped up which read, “We are now accepting applications for the next series of Race Across the World, and this incredible experience is open to all, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or total novice. With a cash prize at stake, we want to know what lengths you would go to reach the next checkpoint in first place.”

Applicants had to be 18 or over, a legal resident in the UK and have a valid, in-date passport to apply.

Race Across The World is available to watch on BBC One and iPlayer.

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