Will there be a Race Across The World season 5?

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Will there be a Race Across The World season 5?BBC

Race Across the World is back and better than ever, with this season's duos adventuring across East Asia in hopes of winning a huge prize. If you're like us, you're obsessed with this series and already want to know if there'll be more seasons.

The BBC competition series sees duos race across thousands of miles without phones, technology and with very limited money to try and make it to the finish line first and win a whopping £20,000 cash prize.

So, if you want to know more about future episodes and fancy applying yourself, then get those backpacks and boots ready because here is everything you need to know about Race Across The World season five.

Will there be a season 5 of Race Across The World?

Good news, Race Across The World fans because season five is coming!

That's right, we can look forward to meeting more pairings and racing across the world with them as they try to win the cash prize, with filming expected to take place between this October and December.

Plus, you can apply to be on the series! But, more on that later...

cast of race across the world
BBC/Studio Lambert/Pete Dadds

Who will the cast of Race Across The World season 5 be?

As they're still in the applications process, we don't know just yet but we'll be sure to keep you updated!

How to apply for Race Across The World season 5

Think you could race across the world and win? Well, we have some news for you as applications for season five of Race Across The World are open now!

As said on the BBC website, "We are now accepting applications for the next series of Race Across the World. This experience is open to all, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or total novice.

"We want to hear what undertaking a trip like this would mean to you, and with a cash prize at stake, what lengths you would go to to win."

Applicants have to be 18 or over, a legal resident in the UK and have a valid, in-date passport. Applications close on 5th May, so if you think you could win, apply now!

Race Across The World is available to watch on BBC One and iPlayer.

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