Rachel Bilson wants to be 'manhandled' in bed

Rachel Bilson wants to be "f****** manhandled" in the bedroom.

The 41-year-old star has given unfiltered take on what she likes when it comes to her sex life, including her favourite position.

Appearing on the 'Women on Top' podcast, she said: "I like missionary. I've learned that if you want to have an orgasm during sex, you have to be on top.

"But missionary is my favorite. I want to be f****** manhandled."

The former 'OC' star - who welcomed daughter Briar Rose into the world with ex Hayden Christensen in 2014 - previously made headlines when she joked when it comes to her former flame Bill Hader, she mostly misses his "big d***".

Chuckling about the revelation now, she told the podcast that sometimes a bigger size is no laughing matter.

She added: "[My] least favorite [position] - depending on the actual d*** - is doggy because it can go so deep and hurt."

The 'Hart of Dixie' actress also made waves when she admitted she struggled to have an orgasm until she was 38, but she has since clarified her comments and insisted she wasn't trying to "shade" any of her former partners.

Speaking on 'The Nick Viall Files' podcast, she explained: "It has nothing to do with any partner. It had to do with me knowing my body."

Rachel went on to admit she made the confession after Whitney revealed she didn’t have an orgasm through penetrative sex until going off birth control at the age of 40 - and Rachel said she experienced something similar.

She added: "I just jumped on that and I was like, ‘When I was older I was able to do that too' ... Apparently there were names brought up in both regards and I am not OK with that, because it had nothing to do with that.'"