Rachel Riley drawn into row with Corrie actress over female circumcision

Rachel Riley wasn't sure why she'd got pulled into this Twitter conversation
Rachel Riley wasn’t sure why she’d got pulled into this Twitter conversation

Rachel Riley was surprised to find herself in a fierce Twitter debate about female genital mutilation.

The Countdown presenter was drawn into a series of tweets by Coronation Street actress, Nicola Thorp.

The actress tweeted: “Surely we should be calling for a ban on male circumcision (non-medical grounds) as with FGM? What are the arguments against this, if any?”

Unsurprisingly, this kicked off a big debate. Another tweeter tagged Rachel Riley’s Twitter name, saying: “You’re a bit late with this Nicola, but I do agree. All genital mutilation should be banned except on medical grounds. I asked @RachelRileyRR for her opinion a few weeks ago. I know she has a tremendously busy twitter feed but I wouldn’t mind an answer.”

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Rachel would have got a notification about this tweet, and she turned up in the thread, understandably riled, saying: “Equating the two is outrageous. As is demanding an answer from me. Why I’m earth would I be obliged to answer such an ignorant question?”

Nicola tried to keep things calm, by asking Rachel to educate her on the subject.

Rachel’s reply makes her sound frustrated at being involved with being asked: “Why on earth do you feel this is appropriate to question me on Nicola? Seriously. Think about it. Your ignorance can be cured with google or asking someone relevant.”

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The spat carries on for a few more tweets, while in other comments below, Rachel and Nicola’s followers gather to see how it will end.

There’s no real resolution to the matter in the tweets, and the debate rumbles on.