Racing star Alfie, eight, has his eyes set on a Formula One future

Alfie Garrett from Holcombe
Alfie Garrett from Holcombe has been making a name for himself in the world of karting -Credit:Mid Somerset Series

A young lad from Holcombe in Somerset is making a name for himself in the world of kart racing and is taking part in the British Championship this year. Alfie Garrett, 8, is so fast he has been scouted by experts and looks set to make a career for himself in the racing world – he has his eye on becoming a Formula One racer.

He has already stood on the podium for many major karting events and is showing a real talent for the sport. Alfie’s Karting journey began when lockdown restrictions were being lifted.

His mum Lisa said: “As our family hadn’t been able to see each other and big groups were not allowed to mix indoors, we decided to meet in one of our relation’s fields. To keep the children entertained we salvaged and repaired various motorised vehicles to drive around the field, one of them was a petrol go-kart.”

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Alfie Garrett on the podium of the British O-Plate final
Alfie Garrett on the podium of the British O-Plate final -Credit:Somerset Guardian

At the age of four Alfie was already showing great driving skill – his dad Luke Garrett was a champion driver in division two truck racing. Being obsessed with karting Alfie wanted to race on a proper track, this was not to happen immediately as the legal age for karting is six.

He was so enthusiastic he was allowed to go for a test day, resulting in him being talent spotted. With so much potential Alfie was allowed to race in the Total Karting Zero championship at the age of five and ended the season on the podium.

As it is an elite sport Alfie is allowed time off school and his family drives him all over the country for events and practise.

Lisa said: “As Alfie is competing in the British Championships, The Kart Championship and the Superone series, we are away karting almost every weekend. This could be anywhere in the country going as far as Scotland.”

She admits to being nervous when watching him race. She said: “Alfie is competing against friends so has some nerves but he really focuses on the race at hand.

“He is thinking about his starting position, the weather, which race lines will gain him most ground on the track. I on the other hand am a nervous wreck, as soon as they are lining up on the grid my hands start to shake, but to Alfie I am absolutely fine.”

Racing really is in the Garrett blood, Alfie’s older brother Ellis used to race and is now a racing mechanic, and his younger sister Ava, 6, has already started making a name for herself in competitions and races.

Does Alfie have plans for the future? Mum Lisa said: “Alfie is no different from any other eight-year-old.

“With his favourite F1 driver being another local Lando Norris he has big plans and wants to conquer the world of F1 and maybe get mum and dad a new motorhome.”

So it looks like this young lad from Holcombe is one to watch in the racing field field. Watch out too for sister Ava in her racing gear.