Rafah Operation 'Threatens to Bring Humanitarian Operations to a Standstill', WFP Says

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) warned food and supplies were becoming scarce in Rafah on Friday, May 17, following Israel’s operation in the city in southern Gaza.

Matthew Hollingworth, WFP Palestine Country Director, said the organisation had not been able to access its warehouse in Rafah “for more than a week.”

“We have very little food and fuel coming through the border crossings in the south and we are always trying hard but failing currently to bring in consistent volumes of food,” Hollingworth said.

He said additional entry points to the Gaza Strip would allow a better volume of food into the region “to help stop a famine in its tracks.”

Footage released by WFP showed displaced people sheltering in Rafah. A large crowded tent city shown from the air is pictured in Dier el-Balah, where many of the displaced have fled, according to the WFP.

Hot meals were also seen being distributed to displaced people in Khan Yunis on Friday. Credit: WFP via Storyful

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