Raging Edinburgh residents warn 'drivers will get £100 fine' as hedge blocks sign

An Edinburgh resident is fearful motorists may be fined after an important bus gate sign was partially covered by foliage.

K Smith has lived in Corstorphine for 18 years and opposed the introduction of the Manse Road bus gate when it was first introduced.

She is concerned the sign being covered will lead to drivers being fined as they are not able to easily view the times in which the gate is operational.

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After the gate opened, it was reported to have generated around £100,000 in fines within the first two months.

Mrs Smith claimed that when she approached Edinburgh City Council officials about the sign being covered in the past, she was told to speak to the owners of the property adjacent to the sign in order to have the foliage cut back.

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She said this was an unsatisfactory response but after contacting Edinburgh Live , the council road team are now understood to be looking to fix the issue.

“It has been well documented how much money this particular bus gate has generated for the council,” Mrs Smith said. “The sign is for people going left on to St John's Road but unfortunately it is partially obscured.

“This makes it difficult to discern the times it is active which are different to normal bus lane times in the city. The signage looks as though it is for a bus lane and not a bus gate.

“This is wrong. The bus gate and its sign has made the junction more dangerous, not less, in its ambiguity.”

In order to try to protect drivers and alert them to the partially visible sign, Mrs Smith was joined by a fellow campaigner, Norman, in warning drivers about the bus gate on Thursday July 4.

They were able to help four drivers turn their vehicles around and avoid a fine.

Edinburgh Live understands that the roads team are aware of the issue and they plan to take appropriate action.

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The Manse Road bus gate is only operational part-time from Monday to Friday, 8am to 10am and 2.45pm to 6.30pm.

Motorists will receive a £100 charge if they drive in a bus lane or through a bus gate when they are not allowed.

This will be reduced to £50 if they pay the charge within 14 days of receiving a charge notice.

It was brought in as part of the Corstorphine Connections project.