Raging Kris Boyd blows gasket at VAR as Rangers hero demands NAMES of people on review panel

Raging Kris Boyd is fed up of VAR slowing Scottish football down - and the Rangers hero had the controversial independent review panel in his cross hairs.

Pundit Boyd was on duty for Sky Sports as two of his old teams faced at Ibrox. On paper it was a comfortable 4-1 win for Philippe Clement and his team over 10-man Kilmarnock, but the early part of the game was completely dominated by VAR and ref David Dickinson. The whistler was sent to the monitor to review an early Rangers penalty for handball but stuck to his guns, before Killie's opening goal was also reviewed. Joe Wright was then sent off after Dickinson checked the monitor and awarded Gers a spot-kick later in the first half, which James Tavernier missed.

The general feeling was that the correct decisions were reached in the end but there is an overarching frustration with how the technology is slowing games down. All the drama also came after the SFA's anonymous VAR Independent Review Panel published its latest list of adjudged mistakes by the tech, with two of those going against Rangers.

A livid Boyd let rip on Sky Sports: "When you look at the VAR independent review panel, it's annoying me that people can sit behind something and make decisions on these clips and things? Why are they not being named? Why is it being hidden?

"We're all about transparency. You know what it's like, as soon as it comes out that you've had decisions against you, it all kicks off. So why are these people able to sit behind a desk and nobody knows who you are? It's not right. They should be named. We're able to sit here and say what we want, because we front up to it. There's people sitting having influence on Scottish football, and nobody knows who they are. They won't be doing it for nothing, they'll be getting paid to do it.

"The players and managers know, but it's the fans. The fans will just look at their team and think they are hard done by. Rangers blue blood, Celtic green blood, that's all they focus on, that is it. We (pundits) have got to front up. I'll get pelters when I leave here. There's people on that panel that are having an influence on people within the stadiums, whether it's referees, who are feeling the aggression from fans who think their team is hard done by. It's not right.

"Offside is black and white. There's other things open to debate. But if it's open to debate, it can't be clear and obvious. We were told that VAR was going to come in for clear and obvious decisions. So if there is a handball on the line that the referee has missed, fair enough. But some of the things they get sent to the monitor for...it's a waste of time. Imagine paying what you are paying to come here to sit for three or four minutes and wait on a decision?

"We've got full-time VAR referees. What are they doing? Where are they? We need elite officials for these big games. It's not good enough. We're going to have to find a way to get better officials on the pitch and in the VAR room. It's not good enough."