Rain Forecast Every Day This Week As Wimbledon Washout Predicted


It’s the start of Wimbledon today, which can only mean one thing: rain. Lots and lots of rain.

The first week of the prestigious tennis championships in London could be a complete washout, according to bookmakers.

Ladbrokes are offerings odds-on that there will be rain at Wimbledon every day this week, which could lead to record low sales of strawberries and cream.

Rain, wind and cool temperatures are forecast in London and Britain this week.

Alex Donohue, from Ladbrokes, said: “Our weather watchers believe daily rainfall in week one at least is looking likely.

"As a result, for the first time ever we are offering odds on record low strawberries and cream sales, not the other way around.”

The odds are 5/6 that it will rain at least once a day until Sunday. Ladbrokes has odds of 5/1 that the tournament will be forced into a third week because of the weather.

But the Met Office said Monday will be the best day of the week, staying completely dry.

Forecaster Chris Page said: “It will be a cloudy start to the day but the cloud will very quickly burn off to leave some decent sunny spells and light winds, and it should stay dry throughout.”

On Tuesday, however, rain is forecast for mid-afternoon at Wimbledon, along with strong winds.

Similar unsettled weather is predicted for the rest of the week.

Mr Page said: “It is a bit of an unsettled first week, although today is the best day of the week.

"I am quite confident that there won’t be any rain today.

"You can never say 100%, but it looks like it will be a very, very slim chance of any rain by the time they start.”

Temperatures will reach 21C or 22C on Monday but cool to 18C or 19C on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wimbledon visitors will receive a refund of the face value cost of their ticket if there is less than an hour’s play on their court due to rain.

(Picture: Rex)