Rainer Schoeman: Incredible moment angry school dad drives straight into teacher

Police have released dramatic video footage of a parent who drove at a teacher at the school gates, carrying him on the bonnet of the car before he was thrown to the ground.

Rainer Schoeman, of The Goldings, Surrey, was jailed for 10 months at Guildford Crown Court on Friday, having earlier pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm, dangerous driving, driving without insurance and having no MOT.

The incident happened at 3pm on February 20 when the 22-year-old turned into the entrance of the school car park to pick up his child.

A Surrey Police spokesman said: “A teacher was stood between the gate posts at the entrance to the car park and talked to Schoeman. The teacher then stood with his back to the car.

Rainer Schoeman narrowly avoided two children on bikes

“Schoeman then accelerated towards the teacher causing him to be thrown over the bonnet. The VW he was driving continued into the car park and narrowly avoided two children on bikes.

“The teacher was thrown from the bonnet of the car as it continued to travel at speed through the car park.”

Police condemned the actions of the driver
The head teacher described the incident as ‘shocking and extraordinary’

Zoe Johnson-Walker, headteacher of The Winston Churchill School, said: “This was a shocking, extraordinary incident, which has had an impact on the teacher and the rest of my staff.


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PC Andrew Searle said: “Rainer Schoeman’s actions on that day were absolutely disgraceful and could have had far worse consequences for the teacher, and other children who he narrowly missed.

“It is clearly no way to behave in front of children at a school firstly with their safety in mind, but also it sets an incredibly poor example.”