Raising Kanan and Abbott Elementary stars cast in Netflix series

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Raising Kanan & Abbott Elementary cast on new showSTARZ

Power Book III: Raising Kanan star Toby Sanderman and Abbott Elementary's Keyla Monterroso Mejia have joined the cast of Mindy Kaling's untitled Netflix sports comedy.

Set in the world of professional basketball, the currently untitled 10-episode series features Kate Hudson in the lead role, with Brenda Song, Drew Tarver and Scott MacArthur also starring.

Together with Sanderman and Monterroso Mejia, Perry Mason's Fabrizio Guido, Empire's Chet Hanks and 2 Fast 2 Furious star Roberto Sanchez have also announced to be appearing on the show (via Variety).

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As previously shared, Hudson stars as Isla Gordon, who's appointed President of prestigious basketball franchise Los Angeles Waves when a scandal forces her brother to resign.

"Ambitious and often overlooked, Isla will have to prove to her skeptical brothers, the board, and the larger sports community that she was the right choice for the job, especially in the unpredictable, male-dominated world of sports," the official synopsis reads.

As the new additions to the cast were made public, Netflix also shared their characters descriptions, revealing a few more details about their roles.

Sandeman will star as Marcus Winfield, a player described as "a generational talent".

"Marcus is still considered one of the best players in the league. But after two championship rings, two Olympic gold medals, and being a twelve-time All-Star, Marcus has mentally checked out from the Waves — and his lack of leadership has been affecting the team."

Meanwhile, Guido portrays Jackie Moreno, who works as a popcorn vendor at the stadium where the Waves play.

"Jackie can't believe it when he is suddenly thrust into the inner circle of his favorite team. Now he has the opportunity to work his way up the organization from the ground floor," the description reads.

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Monterroso Mejia joins as Jackie's cousin Ana Moreno, who works as a personal injury attorney: "Ana is smart, ambitious and always looking for an angle".

Hanks will appear as Travis Bugg, "the Waves' point guard who moonlights as an unsuccessful rapper. He's a huge distraction on the court and an even bigger problem for Isla off the court".

Finally, Sanchez plays Stephen Ramirez, "the intimidating head of the board who's been with the Waves through generations of Gordons".

Old-fashioned and no-nonsense, Stephen will butt heads with Isla, making the protagonist desperate to prove her worth on the job.

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