Ralf Little brands the UK weather ‘horrible’ after returning home from filming in sunny Caribbean

Ralf Little   (PA)
Ralf Little (PA)

Actor Ralf Little has branded UK weather “horrible” after returning to the country from filming in sunny Guadeloupe.

The actor, who was on the Caribbean island filming TV drama Death in Paradise, said he was “over” the cold and dreary weather in Britain after coming back to visit his family over Christmas.

Mr Little said he was not phased after being forced to spend a year away from the UK due to Covid rules, splitting his time between Guadeloupe and his fiancee’s house in Florida.

He told the Mirror: “I hate to say this, but I’m over it. I’m from Manchester so grew up in the cold, wet and drizzle.

“I was back two days and was like, ‘this sucks’. I‘ve been away for 18 months and not been cold.

“As I was flying in to Heathrow I looked out the window and as far as I could see, stretching out across the horizon, was thick cloud.”

Mr Little, 41, said that playing DI Neville Parker in the long-running show was “the best job in TV” and it had become “iconic”.

He added: “In the space of an hour we get a puzzle and a murder which are fully resolved, along with a red herring and a couple of twists.

“And you’ve got however many main characters who all have interplaying relationships and their own foibles and challenges to overcome.”

Death in Paradise recorded an incredible eight million viewers in the UK and also draws audiences across the globe, with the show being sold to 90 different countries.

Mr Little is engaged to screenwriter Lindsey Ferrentino, who currently lives in Florida.

In November, the actor said he “loved” spending time on the Caribbean island, where he was stuck for around six months due to Covid rules.

Describing the sea as being “about 20 yards” from his door, the actor said that a dip in the ocean means “you’ll see turtles swimming around – and how can you ever get bored of that?”

He added: “I love all the adventure. I’ll try scuba diving, snorkelling, the little gyrocopters that you go on to the other side of the island, you can go hiking – there’s a plane wreck from 30 odd years ago in the hills, you can hike up to that or up to the volcano.

“I just absolutely love it.”