Ralf Little on the instant success of The Royle Family

Ralf Little talks to Kate about his career spanning 25 years and how his life took a drastic turn in his late teens with the success of The Royle Family

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Video transcript

RALF LITTLE: But certainly from having sort of been at sixth form medical school hoping to sort of make my way in life to be in this thing where suddenly it felt special. And then, within a year of being on stage with the rest of the cast, winning a BAFTA--


RALF LITTLE: --at 18. I'm pretty sure I was 18, or maybe I was 19. I mean, you look-- I even look back now and just go, it doesn't seem real. It seems really, really surreal to have been in that position. Anyway, look, I can't remember what I said in with this casting director. But I was talking to her, and within like 30 seconds, I'd sort of been like a little bit-- walked that line between like confidence and arrogance. Walked it well. Been a little bit cheeky, a bit of banter.

And I'd made her laugh two or three times, and I'm thinking this is going great. And she goes, oh. [LAUGHTER] I love your sense of humor. It's so great. You're so British. I love it. Would you like to come back-- to come back in two weeks time and audition with Tom Hanks?

And even then, I didn't go, oh, yeah, I'd love to. Even then, I just went, yeah, I mean, I don't think I'm busy, you know.


So I-- just awful. Just what a dick, right? What a dick?