Randall Emmett says there are 'two sides to every story' after Lala Kent breakup

Randall Emmett says he won't 'disparage' his ex Lala Kent credit:Bang Showbiz
Randall Emmett says he won't 'disparage' his ex Lala Kent credit:Bang Showbiz

Randall Emmett says he and Lala Kent both made "mistakes".

The film producer has addressed his breakup from the 31-year-old 'Vanderpump Rules' star and insisted while he will "never disparage or talk ill" about the mother of his 12-month-old daughter Ocean, he has his own side to the story after she accused him of having an affair with a 23 year old the same both she gave birth.

He didn't address the cheating allegations, but told Golnesa Gharachedaghi's 'Genuinely GG' podcast there are "always two sides to every story".

However, he promised that when it comes to his side, he is "not going to ever take that to the public".

He added: "I just have to always look at the big picture... I just can't talk badly about the mother of my child.

"I just can't do it. No matter what is said about me."

Randall - who also has kids London, 12, and Rylee, nine, with ex-wife Ambyr Childers - insisted it wouldn't be "appropriate" to talk about the situation, but noted he couldn't tell his ex-fiancee "what to do".

He said: "I just don't feel it's appropriate. I can't tell her what to do. She's a strong woman.

"And, you know, I just hope that in time, that kind of all mellows out."

Meanwhile, he claimed he will concerntate on "being a dad to [his] three girls" and his career.

Asked what he'll do if she makes more allegations, he replied: "I'll just really keep my head down. I'm trying to focus on, for me, what's important right now, which is being a dad to my three girls and to work."

He also paid tribute to Lala as a mother, despite their breakup.

He continued: "Ocean's very lucky to have two parents who love her as much as we both do. At the end of the day, that's all I can ask for."

Earlier this month, Lala claimed she was "alone" for most of her pregnancy and accused him of an affair.

She said: "Let’s talk about it. I was alone during most of my pregnancy and for the first 7 months of her life, until the mask fell and I saw who he really was. He started a relationship with a 23 year old in March of 2021- the same month I gave birth."