Rangers soldiers struck with BATTLE FEVER as remarkable Hotline truce sees Celtic hit with full ammo

Cold and flu season may be behind us but the NHS is bracing themselves for another outbreak after reports of Battle Fever suddenly sweeping across Glasgow.

The blue half of the city have been fairly muted in recent weeks but today’s Hotline callers have finally found their voice ahead of Saturday’s huge Old Firm clash. Fired-up Rangers fan Robert Livingstone, Palm Beach, was first to rally the troops as he said: “Most of this week’s callers have given Philippe Clement and his players little chance of a victory at Parkhead. Even some Rangers pundits have abandoned them but Gers are certainly no lambs to the slaughter. They know it's a must win at all costs, do or die. Clement's is nobody's fool, he knows what it will take to win. Of course it won't be easy it never is, like many I'm no fan of Cyriel Dessers but the past will be all forgiven if he can finally score two or three goals for victory.”

Alan Flett added: “So Celtic fans think that Rangers are worried about going to Parkhead on Saturday! The only thing we have to worry about is the match officials. If we bring our A game we will win, unless the referee bails Celtic out, AGAIN!” Andy Scott, Edinburgh, said: "Did Celtic win the league as I slept last night? Judging by the comments being made by their more loquacious fans, one would think it's all over bar the shouting. It would be only prudent to remind them that, so far this season, they have won precisely hee-haw, unlike Rangers who are still the only team to have won a trophy and still the only team up for a Treble.”

Rangers at Ibrox on Sunday
Rangers at Ibrox on Sunday -Credit:SNS Group

But John Davidson, Kirkintilloch, is concerned to see footage of Clement’s players bickering with their own supporters, saying: “What's happening at Ibrox with the players losing the plot with the fans? The punters pay good money to watch the team, players need to realise what it means to pull on the blue jersey, it's time to stand up and be counted this weekend.”

With Willie Collum taking on the refereeing duties at Celtic Park, Gary Stevenson, Newtonhill, said: “Only three more conspiracy theories until Christmas for the Celtic supporters. Every year they ramp up the pressure on the SFA, referees, opposition managers and players for anyone willing to listen. Playing the Victim only lasts so long and the other clubs can see right through this facade.”

Chris Lowe, Yoker, added: “Rangers have been on the receiving end of game changing decisions in all three derbies this season and it will no doubt continue with serial offender Collum in the middle for the fourth one. No wonder Rangers haven’t had a penalty kick at Parkhead in 14 years and only three this century as the last one resulted in this same ref getting death threats from the Celtic support. The game’s a bogey in Scotland, it’s time to call in English officials.”

However, Celtic fan, Bud Hay, Dumfries, is also in confident mood: “Forget about hiring a helicopter to hang in the sky waiting on the Celtic and Rangers results on the final day.

-Credit:SNS Group
-Credit:SNS Group

"All the champions need is a draw on Saturday and the Premiership title will be on its way back to Parkhead.”

Meanwhile, Stephen Johnstone, Ardentinny, took issue with the latest SPFL sponsorship news, saying: “The Scottish football authorities say it’s illegal for footballers to gamble on football but they are OK having Willian Hill as a sponsor. That’s just hypocritical and this sends out the wrong message. This deal should be red carded.”

Final word goes to Hibs fan Neil Renton, Leith, who said: “All the best to Hibs duo Lewis Stevenson and Paul Hanlon. The pair have been great servants to the club and all Hibs fans will be gutted to see an end of an era when they go.”