Ranvir Singh reveals embarrassing moment that led to her arm injury on GMB

The Good Morning Britain explained she was wearing a plaster on her arm after suffering an awkward fall in public.

Ranvir Singh presenting Good Morning Britain
Ranvir Singh admitted she felt embarrassed about falling over because she was looking at her phone. (ITV)

What did you miss?

On Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, 19 September, viewers were surprised to find newsreader Ranvir Singh nursing an arm injury.

The TV presenter explained why she was wearing a plaster on her arm, confessing that she felt "so embarrassed" after falling over in public while looking at her phone.

What, how, and why?

Opening up to co-presenters Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid on the live breakfast TV show Singh said: "It's one of those awful things where you fall over in public and it's so embarrassing!

"No alcohol had been consumed, it was awful. I was on my phone wasn't I? I was like a teenager looking at my phone, a little crooked pathway and I fell for about I don't know how many feet.

"I had to grab onto a stranger to stop myself. The whole thing was just awful.

"People came to help and I just couldn't look at them, I just said 'No I'm fine. Thank you. Thank you.' "

Susanna Reid hosts GMB on ITV.
Susanna Reid expressed her concern for Ranvir Singh after her fall. (ITV)

Reid expressed her concern for Singh who told her: "Oh stop it Susanna! It was awful."

The TV presenter — who competed in Strictly Come Dancing in 2020 — has been a newsreader and co-anchor on the show since 2014.

What else has been happening on GMB?

Earlier this month it was Reid, 52, who appeared on the ITV breakfast show while unwell.

The former BBC Breakfast presenter was forced to pull out of hosting GMB the morning after the National Television Awards because she had lost her voice.

She travelled in to the studio the morning after attending the NTA awards, but was replaced by Charlotte Hawkins as co-anchor when it emerged her voice was not in a fit state to present the show.

Reid appeared via video link-up from her dressing room and croaked: "I'm fine I just can't speak!

"I don't know [what's wrong]. I don't know whether it was the heat inflaming my vocal chords. It's funny because of course it was the NTAs last night and when I got into my cab to leave the driver said, 'You're the very first person to leave. You're obviously not partying.'

"And of course I don't drink, I don't smoke, so there's absolutely no reason I can understand but I've completely lost my voice."

Reid was absent for a week after being diagnosed with an infection on her vocal chords.

Singh stood in to host the show on Monday 11 September with Ed Balls while Reid took further time off to recover.

Good Morning Britain airs on ITV from 6am-9am from Monday to Friday.

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