Ranvir Singh discusses 18 year age gap with boyfriend she met on 'Strictly'

Ranvir Singh on Good Morning Britain
Ranvir Singh found love with a member of the Strictly production staff. (ITV)

Ranvir Singh has said the 18 year age difference between her and her boyfriend brings her nothing but "complete joy".

The 45-year-old Good Morning Britain presenter met 27-year-old production secretary Louis Church when she took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2020, and said age is no guarantee of a good partner.

Singh told The Sun's Fabulous magazine: “We don’t ever joke about the age difference. Actually, age is no guarantee of someone being wonderful to you. There are complete gits who are exactly the same age as you.

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"You can find a 50-year-old man who will have no idea about how to be a good partner. So being 27 is not reflective of that.

Ranvir Singh with boyfriend Louis Church and son Tushaan. (Getty Images)
Ranvir Singh with boyfriend Louis Church and son Tushaan. (Getty Images)

"When I was 27, I was probably a lot more immature than Louis is. There are things that he is better at than I am in terms of just being a good human being. And I’m learning from him. So to me, it’s a complete joy.”

The TV presenter and news reader was married to Ranjeet Singh Dehal in 2012 and they share 10-year-old son Tushaan.

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She met Church when she competed in Strictly in 2020, when due to COVID restrictions she was only allowed to socialise dance partner Giovanni Pernice and a few other production staff.

In reference to the Strictly Curse, which has seen many celebrity relationships split and sparked by the show, Singh said “No curse, just a blessing."

Ranvir Singh with Strictly dance partner Giovanni Pernice.
Ranvir Singh with Strictly dance partner Giovanni Pernice. (BBC)

She added: "It was a very singular experience, which was unique... I was in my dressing room on my own a lot of the time.

"So then, in a funny way, when somebody did come to the door, it was like: ‘Oh, Hi!’ And Louis was one of those people. He’s a really calm person. And in the midst of all of that, there was just a really lovely energy.”

Singh said that being a single parent meant she set a very high bar for a prospective partner as she felt very "protective" of her relationship with her son.

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She added: "I have definitely found a bit of magic and I think everyone at Strictly is completely thrilled.”