Ray Dalio went to a Taylor Swift concert, took a selfie, and endorsed her for president

  • Is Ray Dalio a Swiftie now?

  • The billionaire went to a Taylor Swift concert and said afterward that she could unite the country.

  • He's previously said politicians needed to take a more centrist approach.

Ray Dalio has a solution for a divided America: Elect Taylor Swift.

The legendary hedge-fund investor and founder of Bridgewater Associates went to a Taylor Swift concert — and now he thinks she would make a better president than Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

(Honestly, that sounds like a Swiftie's opinion.)

Dalio posted on Instagram on Thursday about his experience attending the pop superstar's Eras tour in Singapore.

His post included a lengthy endorsement of the singer alongside a close-up selfie of himself at the show.

"@TaylorSwift for President!" Dalio wrote. "I just saw her at her concert in Singapore and realized that she can bring together Americans and people in most countries much better than either of the candidates, and that bringing people together is the most important thing."

Though we can assume Dalio was mostly joking about his endorsement, his post did get pretty heartfelt.

"Watching this concert with people from all over the world made me and them feel good and connected and reminded me how powerful that universal culture is," he said. "Wouldn't it be great if we had two candidates who could lead that culture and make smart leadership decisions too?"

Dalio has previously pushed American politicians to take a more centrist approach.

"What we need is a very strong middle," Dalio said at the Fortune Global Forum in November. "We have irreconcilable differences by sides that will not accept losing."

He also told Fortune at the time that he thought former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was the most promising candidate.

But now that Haley's out of the race, maybe Dalio can persuade Swifties to write her in on the ballot.

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