The Reader: Two lines opening on the London Night Tube is not good enough

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‘Adapt or die’ warning is our wake-up call

The Environment Agency warning that we must “adapt or die” to climate change is the reality millions of the world’s poorest people have been facing for decades. Across the globe, floods and droughts are destroying crops and homes, polluting water sources or drying them up completely. The alarming news that these devastating impacts will reach our shores must be a rallying call to G20 leaders to deliver the money for adaptation they have been promising for years — and Boris Johnson must lead the charge. The success of COP26 — and our survival — depends on it.

Bernard Aryeetey, Global director of International Affairs, WaterAid

Dear Bernard,

For the most part, we are one step removed from the devastating effects of global climate change - but disaster should not have to arrive at our doorsteps before action is taken. Already in India, heat waves are becoming more intense and regular. Humans only function within a limited range of temperature and heat related deaths are anything but a rare occurrence in that part of the world. You’re right – the UK has long claimed its position as a leader in the global battle against climate change and must act as such on the world stage.

Ghazal Abbasi, Reporter

Two lines opening on the Night Tube is not good enough

Why can we not just return to the Night Tube as it was before Covid? Someone please explain why this is so difficult for the Mayor who is in charge of TfL to do. Just bring[ing] back part shows a complete lack of urgency and leadership.

Ryan Baldry

If [TFL] want to do a limited reopening, they should open the Northern line to serve north and south London, the Circle line to serve the central London interchanges, and the District line to serve east and west London.


After being stranded at Northwick Park hospital last Saturday I will wholeheartedly welcome bringing back the night tube on as many lines as is feasible. It makes travelling as a lone woman feel much safer.

Hannah Phillips

Hopefully additional night bus routes which were introduced with the Night Tube will resume on the same date. In fact, with not all lines resuming there is a case for additional linking night bus routes until further lines reopen! The Victoria line has the benefits of linking several main line stations and covers sections of the Piccadilly line in north east London


We should have an honest discussion about the pros and cons of having children

I read Ayesha Hazarika’s article about not having children - wow. Such a fine article. My wife and I have been married almost 34 years and are without [children]. I was amazed to find somebody who felt the same as me about kids but the pressure that she (not I, mind) got from family, friends, colleagues...there was never an answer that placated.

Lawrence Kershaw

Bravo Ayesha Hazarika, there are pros and cons to having children, and we should have a much more honest discussion about it. Everything about having children is expensive, not just the childcare - bigger house, bigger car, holidays, food, clothes, shoes the list goes on.

Emily Wallace

Homeless accommodation in Haringey should be replicated everywhere

News around the world is really depressing these days but Haringey council has done something very good in installing accommodation for rough sleepers. I hope this is replicated everywhere (not only in the UK) to give people a chance for a better life.

Paula De Neil

Christmas must be saved for the children

When Boris Johnson returns from holiday he needs to urgently deal with the fuel crisis and save Christmas. It has been a difficult year thus far and Christmas must be saved for the children because there will be one mighty outcry over the festive period if toys aren’t delivered.

Dominic Shelmerdine

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