Ready for a Pride anthem? Dive into Monica Beverly Hillz's hot new remix

lgbtq Pride month anthem Monica Beverly Hillz remix
lgbtq Pride month anthem Monica Beverly Hillz remix

Monica Beverly Hillz, a RuPaul's Drag Race alum and proud trans woman, is a force to be reckoned with!

Monica's dedication to advocacy and uplifting the lives of the marginalized is evident in her work with Transformations, a Midwest-based advocacy group for transgender individuals, where she is an active member of their Community Advisory Board. Her unapologetic authenticity and tireless efforts continue to make waves.

"Things have been great, actually. I've been doing a lot with Transformations after joining their board, working on a lot of different events," Monica shared. "I hit the floor running, staying focused, and grinding. My hustle never stops."

Monica's viral hit, "Not a Soul Can Clock," captured the hearts of many last year. She returns this year with a remix featuring the talented TS Madison and Neverending Nina, and produced by Cor.Ece (of Renaissance “Cozy” fame.) And though many enjoyed listening, dancing, and even meme-ing to the song, the phrase holds a deeply personal and reflective meaning to Monica's life as a trans woman. "I remember always wanting to have that unclockable moment where I could walk down the street and feel so confident," Monica shared with emotion. "Now, I'm embracing my past and looking forward to the future."

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lgbtq Pride month anthem Monica Beverly Hillz remix
lgbtq Pride month anthem Monica Beverly Hillz remix

Sean Black

Monica knows that message is getting to her fellow trans siblings, especially while working with Transformations, which was established by her longtime friend, Merrique Jenson. "They don't look at me as Monica Beverly Hillz, the superstar, but as one of the sisters," she reflects. Monica, who has publicly discussed her past experiences as a sex worker, has worked with the organization to release a toolkit as part of the remix's debut. "We created a toolkit with tips and strategies for sex workers, by sex workers, covering everything from verification purposes to negotiating prices," Monica explains.

Monica is particularly excited about working with her idols and sisters, TS Madison and Neverending Nina. "Collaborating with them has been a huge highlight," she enthused. "When I heard their voices on the track, I knew it would be amazing. This remix is a conversation piece that will continue inspiring many individuals and organizations."

As Pride Month unfolds, Monica's message to the community is clear: "Never stop being authentically you." And she hopes "Not a Soul Can Clock" will continue bringing joy to the dancefloor and a sense of belonging this Pride Month and beyond.

"Bring your own chair. If you feel like you belong there and can make a movement, do it. Get up and own who you are."

"Not a Soul Can Clock" is available on all streaming platforms today. For more information about the toolkit and Transformations' efforts, please visit