Real Housewives Of Cheshire Star Dawn Ward Found GUILTY Of Hitting Sinitta

The ITVBe trial of the century came to a dramatic end yesterday, as Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward was found guilty of assaulting banana-leaf enthusiast Sinitta.

The pair had been embroiled in a bitter legal battle after the X Factor star accused the Cheshire housewife of attacking her in a London restaurant.

Dawn, who denies the allegations, was sentenced to be ‘bound to keep the peace’ for three months as a result – which we basically think means 'don’t get up to any mischief for a while, yeah?’ in legal speak.

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And whilst the reality star said that she was 'disappointed that the court has found a prod on Sinitta’s shoulder’ was judged to be common assault, she took to Twitter yesterday evening to give her two-penneth on the day’s proceedings.

She wrote: 'To set the record straight the judge did Not find me guilty of punching or threatening to glass Sinitta just a touch on the shoulder’

'The judge said “a storm in a tea cup” and that I was truthful and Sinitta was not. Not Guns at dawn but “napkins from Dawn”. #justicedone’.

'Some people in life will go to any lengths to get attention no matter who it damages that’s called deluded and very mean wow Karma xx’

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The part-time interior designer also spent the rest of the evening re-tweeting supporters and various clap-backs to Sinitta and her husband Jason.

In the final ruling, the judge told the court that there was no evidence to suggest The Wardy had punched Sinitta in the face or chest, or threatened her with a champagne flute like the 'So Macho’ singer alleged.

The judge also said that Sinitta was not a credible witness.


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District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe said at Westminster Magistrates Court: “Miss Malone was not a credible witness and I don’t accept her account.

"There are inconsistencies between the accounts she has given in court and to police. The CCTV is partial but it is clear doesn’t show a punch to the chest or face.

"Had there been it would have been to the left not the right of Miss Malone. I found Miss Ward credible in her account, there is no evidence of contact with Miss Malone from a napkin or an e-cigarette.

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"But I’m satisfied that when Mrs Ward prodded or poked Miss Malone it was an assault by beating and was unlawful, although the force was minimal, not strong.

"Therefore, I find the case proven.”

How dramatic!

For now, we’ve only got one question remaining: when’s the ITV2 behind-the-scenes court show going to be on our screens, then?