Real-Life ABBA Stars Appear at Premiere of Show Featuring Their Digital Avatars

Pop superstars ABBA made an in-person appearance at the premiere of their ABBA Voyage show, in which digital avatars of the band members perform, in London, England, on May 26.

The concert uses special effects to create avatars of how the band looked and acted in the 1970s and it is these avatars, not the real musicians, who perform the concert.

According to the BBC, the band practiced in motion capture suits for five weeks, with 160 cameras scanning their body movements and facial expressions to create the avatars.

Instagram user @rustytowers recorded the real ABBA receiving applause from the audience after the premiere. @rustytowers certainly enjoyed the experience calling it “a childhood dream” come true.

“It’s absolutely mind-blowing . . . the technology is literally the next level,” they added. Credit: @rustytowers via Storyful

Video transcript


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