Real-life character from Baby Reindeer ‘hounded Sir Keir Starmer with 276 emails’

Sir Keir working at a laptop in an office with chairs bearing the House of Commons portcullis crest
Sir Keir Starmer reportedly received 276 emails in eight months - Stefan Rousseau/PA

The “real-life” character from the Netflix stalker show Baby Reindeer hounded Sir Keir Starmer with emails, it has been disclosed.

Fiona Harvey reportedly sent the Labour leader 276 messages in eight months, including attacks on him and his family.

Emails sent to Sir Keir’s parliamentary email address and obtained by The Sun appear to show Ms Harvey telling him he is a “stupid little boy”, and warning him she would target him with complaints to standards watchdogs.

She is said to have told Sir Keir: “Your life won’t be worth living.”

The paper also reports that Ms Harvey gloated over the deaths of two of Sir Keir’s relatives and used a slur to abuse his wife.

The paper says the Metropolitan Police have been made aware of the messages, but adds that the force did not provide any further detail.

Ms Harvey wears a light-yellow jacket and sits in front of a video backdrop of a city at night
Fiona Harvey pictured during her interview with Piers Morgan - Piers Morgan Uncensored/PA

Baby Reindeer is a dramatisation of the apparently true story of comedian Richard Gadd, who stars in the series as himself alongside Jessica Gunning.

Gunning plays the character of Martha, based on Gadd’s stalker, who is claimed to have been Ms Harvey.

After the show aired on the streaming platform, online sleuths hunted for the character on which Martha is based.

Ms Harvey then identified herself as the woman portrayed as Martha. Neither Netflix nor Gadd has confirmed her identity.

Ms Harvey subsequently filmed an interview with Piers Morgan and said the claims made in the drama series were not true.

The communications sent to Sir Keir between Jan and Aug 2020 reportedly have similarities in style and punctuation to those sent to Gadd’s character in the show.

Gadd stands behind a bar replete with beer taps, with Gunning sitting opposite him and gesticulating
Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning in a scene from the drama series - Ed Miller/Netflix/Avalon

All were signed off with “Sent from my iPhone” – echoing Martha, who it emerges over the course of the programme does not have an iPhone.

Ms Harvey reportedly sent emails to Sir Keir detailing her battles with Camden council, her local authority at the time, over her block of flats and local area. Sir Keir is the MP for Holborn and St Pancras, a neighbouring constituency.

One email reportedly sent from Ms Harvey on April 8 2020 to Sir Keir and others, was 1,420 words long and included descriptions of his shadow cabinet as “full of imbeciles yes men”.

The email added: “If you asked good Scottish shrinks to examine Starmer and his henchmen they would find none of them sane.”

Labour declined to comment. The Sun reported that Ms Harvey was not available for comment.