Real Life ‘Sim City’ Being Built To Test Future Technologies

A 26-square mile ‘sim city’ is being built in order to test new technologies on a realistic scale.

Currently under construction in the New Mexico desert, the Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation (CITE) is an unpopulated full-scale city that will be used as a testing ground for new innovations.

Known as City Lab, the functional test site is designed to be representative of a mid-sized American city and is set to be the biggest scale testing centre in the world.

Pre-wired for data collection, the city will be able to collect information on new technologies being tested so that their effectiveness in a real world setting can be analysed.

The city will be used for testing new innovative such as intelligent transport systems and eco-friendly systems.

Along with high-rise buildings, the fake city will feature mixed styles of suburban neighbourhoods, rural homes and farms, wireless and fixed-line telecoms infrastructure and urban road systems, plus an interstate.

If it were a real town, City Lab would be capable of supporting up to 35,000 citizens. However, the only ‘residents’ will be the 300 staff who will be there to maintain the infrastructure.

The town is the work of international technology development firm Pegasus Global Holdings.

(Image credit: Pegasus Global Holdings)