Real reason Meghan Markle is 'isolating herself from Buckingham Palace' by snubbing UK trip

Meghan Markle sitting in front of a purple background. She's wearing a grey shirt and has her hair over one shoulder
Meghan Markle won't be joining Harry -Credit:Getty

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is believed to want to "further isolate herself from Buckingham Palace" as she opts to not accompany her husband, Prince Harry, on his visit to the UK, according to one expert.

The duke will be in London for a special Invictus Games event at St Paul's Cathedral whereas Meghan will only be joining him later in Nigeria.

Meghan's decision comes shortly after launching her first product for her new business venture, American Riviera Orchard. Ryan McCormick, a PR expert, suggests that this move signifies Meghan's aim of carving out an "independent presence", separate from the Royal Family, reports the Mirror.

In an exclusive chat with The Mirror, Ryan said: "Meghan choosing not to join Harry in the UK may have to do with her focusing more efforts on her new company American Riviera Orchard. At the same time, the Duchess may wish to further isolate herself from Buckingham Palace."

"Why? Markle could be tired out from the Royals or see the close association as an obstacle towards further establishing an independent business and personal presence in the US."

After much speculation it was confirmed by royal correspondent Chris Ship on X on Monday that Meghan won't, in fact, accompany Harry back to the UK.

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He said: "Additional confirmation this morning that Meghan will not be joining Harry for the Invictus Anniversary service at @StPaulsLondon in London. But the Duchess of Sussex will join the Duke for an Invictus-inspired visit to Nigeria immediately after Harry leaves the UK."

Harry is set to attend the Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral on Wednesday, May 8. This significant event commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, with actor Damian Lewis slated to perform a reading.

The Invictus Games Foundation announced: "The Invictus Games Foundation will celebrate 10 years of changing lives and saving lives with a 'Service of Thanksgiving' at St Paul's Cathedral on May 8th. We will be joined by our Patron, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, actor Damian Lewis and members of the worldwide Invictus Community to mark the occasion."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's trip to Nigeria in May focuses on the Invictus Games.

Their itinerary includes engaging in cultural events and interacting with service personnel and their families.

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