Rebecca Adlington Seriously Injures Shoulder On The Jump

Rebecca Adlington has seriously injured her shoulder taking part in a stunt on The Jump.

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Rebecca was taking part of the ‘air jump’ – basically what looks like a massive bouncy castle – when something went wrong.

Although the jump itself appeared to go smoothly, as she landed she flailed her arms causing her shoulder to come out the socket.


She managed to dislocate her shoulder and was promptly rushed off in an ambulance.

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Rebecca has called the pain ‘the worst thing she’s ever felt’

The 26-year-old says that she was left laying in pain for 45 minutes while paramedics rushed to assist her.

However, the Radio Times now reports that the Olympian is now back in the contestant house and hoping to recover and resume training.

She has a week to recover ahead of next Sunday’s show.

The athlete said previously how worried she was upon seeing the size of the ski jump and even admitted to crying just thinking about the prospect of taking it on.

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The jump, new to this series of the Channel 4 show, is bigger than ever and the size of three double-decker buses.

Speaking about the new addition, the gold medalist said: “[It] totally freaked me out”.

She added: “I’m proud of how far I’ve come and the things I’ve already overcome, so I’m excited and nervous to take on the jump. I definitely won’t be bottling it, and I think everyone here is up for the challenge.”