Rebecca Ferguson Wants Sets to Be Safer, More Communal Spaces: ‘I Don’t Like Hierarchies’

Rebecca Ferguson is quickly becoming a titan of the entertainment industry and she’s embracing it. She’s starred in blockbuster franchises like “Mission Impossible” and “Dune,” runaway hits like the musical “The Greatest Showman,” and is now — along with her lead role on the show — taking on the position of executive producer on the Apple TV+ smash “Silo.” In a recent interview on the “Unwrapped” podcast, Ferguson shared how her declining the role of Juliette Nichols led to her being brought on to the larger production team.

“They’re asking for a big dedication here,” Ferguson said of being offered the part. “It’s asking for me to do four seasons of a show. I need to be yearning for this. And there were a couple of things that I wasn’t really loving. So I turned it down and then they came back and they were like, what was it you didn’t like? And I was like, well, this and this and this and this, I’ll give you a list. And then they came back and they had changed it all. And I was like, oh, this is interesting.”

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The more input Ferguson gave, the more the team behind “Silo” realized how much of an asset she’d be in telling the story. Being given the title of executive producer comes with a lot of responsibility, but Ferguson was more interested in setting a professional tone than trying to rewrite the whole show.

“I don’t overstep my boundaries in this position because I’m learning,” she said on “Unwrapped.” “And I’m not a writer, you know? But I create safe space, I think, because I don’t like hierarchies. I don’t care that I’m one on a call sheet. It means nothing to me. I love that everyone is heard. And if someone doesn’t feel heard or safe or excited or whatever it is, if I hear someone on a phone going, mm, this isn’t good, I will walk up to them and go, was that about this show? Are you okay? Like, is this us? Is someone not treating you or listening? Like, I’m very, I’m verbal.”

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