Rebecca Humphries breaks silence after ‘snakes’ Seann Walsh and Katya Jones fail to mention her name in live TV apology

Emma Powell

Seann Walsh’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries has hinted that she hasn’t accepted his grovelling apology after he opened up about his “regret” at kissing his Strictly Come Dancing partner.

Walsh, 32, and Katya Jones, who is married to fellow pro Neil Jones, were seen passionately embracing and dancing in the street on Humphries’ birthday last week.

Humphries dumped Walsh via Twitter in a scathing statement in which she accused him of being “controlling” and failing to apologise to her.

Walsh addressed Humphries’ statement in his first TV appearance since the scandal, telling It Takes Two host Zoe Ball that their relationship “wasn’t perfect” and that he is “not the person I am being portrayed as”.

Rehearsals: Seann Walsh and Katya Jones will dance this weekend (Instagram / BBC Strictly)

He said: “Our relationship wasn’t perfect, that doesn’t mean I wanted it to end the way it did. I’m sorry for that.

“It’s important for me to say that the people who know me the most and that love me, they know I am not the person I am being portrayed as. I’m still sorry for what I did but it’s very important to get that out there.”

Humphries ‘liked’ a string of tweets from fans who questioned why Walsh – and Katya – failed to mention her name in their apologies.

One read: “I feel so desperately frustrated & sad for @Beckshumps having just watched the ‘apology’ that @seannwalsh gave. NO relationship is perfect, it takes kindness, consideration, communication &understanding. But most of all please have the decency to SAY her name? Apologise to her!”

Awkward: Katya Jones and Seann Walsh (Instagram / Katya Jones)

A second viewer tweeted: “He *still* didn’t actually say sorry or give any reference to @Beckshumps #sorrynotsorry.”

A third read: “He’s a d***.

She liked another tweet from an outraged fan who referred to Walsh and Katya as “snakes”.

“@Mrs_katjones saying her and Neil all right,” the tweet read. “Oh that’s ok then. Still no apology to @Beckshumps Hope they get sent home on Saturday, the pair of snakes.”

It marked the second time Walsh has failed to directly refer to Humphries in the wake of the scandal after his short statement on Twitter in which he referred to the kiss as a “one-off drunken mistake”.

Katya also apologised for the kiss and the “hurt it caused,” telling Ball “all that is important to her” is that she is “absolutely fine” with her husband of five years.

Walsh and Katya will dance the Charleston on Saturday night. Their routine was reportedly changed to make it less “sexy”.

Strictly Come Dancing is on BBC One, Saturday at 6:40pm