Rebecca Joynes' school colleagues admit real feelings about paedophile teacher

-Credit: (Image: GMP)
-Credit: (Image: GMP)

The shamed teacher who had sexual relations with two of her students avoided work gatherings and kept her distance from colleagues on a "personal level", it emerged during her trial. Rebecca Joynes, 30, was found guilty last week of engaging in sexual activities with minors, including one incident which resulted in pregnancy.

The court heard distressing details of how Joynes took advantage of her role as a "nice" and "fit" educator to engage in inappropriate relationships with two teenage boys, referred to as 'Boy A' and 'Boy B', who were infatuated with her. This revelation has caused a 'toxic' atmosphere at the secondary school in Greater Manchester, where staff members are reportedly "distraught" and feel that the trust in teachers has been eroded due to her misconduct.

One colleague expressed: "They completely stopped trusting us." Although she appeared to have amicable professional relationships, Joynes reportedly shunned social events and did not mingle with her peers outside of work obligations.

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A former employee disclosed: "Rebecca never joined. Even the near-retiring teachers would have had a drink.", reports the Mirror.

Instead, Joynes was often seen engaging with female pupils about fashion during breaks and confidently walking through the halls to the cheers of students. In retrospect, her colleagues consider such behaviour to have been "over-friendly".

Joynes faced suspension back in October 2021 following reports to Childline about engaging in sexual activities with a 15 year old student, whom she had gifted a pricey £345 Gucci belt before taking him back to her flat. To add to the scandal, the maths tutor became pregnant with another teenager's child whilst on bail for the initial offence.

She has since given birth, and the young father is now looking after their daughter. Previously held in high regard by both her colleagues and pupils, Joynes' disgraceful conduct came as a shock. On World Teachers' Day, she even received gratitude from a student who thanked her for assistance in their studies.

With the 2020 lockdown, teaching methods had to change, and it wasn't until September 2021 that normal school life picked up again. Throughout this tumultuous time, she was employed full-time at her family's tearoom in Cheshire. Despite whispers of being 'banned' from her teaching position, many locals still believed in the demure and respectable image of the woman they saw growing up.

One community member familiar with Joynes opted to remain anonymous while telling the ECHO, "I got told she'd been banned [from the school] and I said 'it must have been bad if she's been banned.'

"She's quite quiet. She came across as being a nice person but she was upset over something, at the time I didn't know what the thing was. I'm surprised because she was a quiet girl. It was a shock I suppose."

Another individual, familiar with Joynes during her teenage years, remarked: "She struck me as someone who was very quiet and fairly shy. She kept herself to herself."

"I hadn't thought about her in years but when my friends and I saw her name in the news we were shocked to see it. What was said in court appeared to go against her shy nature from when she was younger."

Joynes is now awaiting sentencing after being convicted by a jury on six counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, including two counts while in a position of trust.