Rebel Wilson was 'dumped' by woman 'in public eye' before meeting Ramona Agruma

Rebel Wilson was "dumped" by a woman "in the public eye" before meeting her fiancèe Ramona Agruma.

During an appearance on the U Up? podcast on Wednesday, the Pitch Perfect actress revealed she developed feelings for a female friend but the unnamed public figure didn't want to pursue a serious relationship.

"I met a woman and had, like, feelings for her, which totally came as a blindside. It wasn't what I was expecting to happen," the Australian actress shared. "I never thought I was 100 per cent straight, but I was only ever dating men before that... It was just, like, (we met) as friends but then realising, 'Hang on, I have feelings for this person.'"

During one of their hangouts, Rebel broached the subject of the person's sexuality and told them that she was "attracted to them".

"I said the words, something like, 'I don't want to offend you, (but) are you interested in women?'" she recalled. "I've never had a conversation like that (before) because I was dating dudes and never had to talk about sexuality... Then she was like, 'I have feelings for you as well.'

"(However,) the person said they weren't interested in dating me so I, for the first time, kind of got dumped because their career was very important... because they're in the public eye."

While their connection "didn't end up going anywhere", Rebel credits their "little dalliance" with "opening (her) heart up" to the possibility of dating a woman. She was introduced to fashion designer Ramona by their mutual friend Hugh "shortly after".

Rebel and Ramona went public with their relationship in June 2022 and got engaged in February. In November, Rebel welcomed her first child, a daughter named Royce, via surrogate.