Rebus viewers praise 'perfect' Richard Rankin saying this series is their 'favourite incarnation' - but fans have one criticism

 Brian Ferguson as Michael and Richard Rankin as John in Rebus.
Brian Ferguson as Michael and Richard Rankin as John in Rebus.

Rebus viewers are united in their approval of Richard Rankin in the role of Rebus in the new BBC series - though some have commented he's 'too good looking' for the role.

The new series stars Outlander’s Rankin in the starring role and has gripped viewers with its gritty plotlines and powerful performances.

There could be good news ahead for fans of Richard Rankin as Rebus, after writer Sir Iain Rankin revealed a promising update on season two. While he said the decision is 'in the hands of the BBC', the idea is clearly still on the table, for now.

Fans have commented in their droves on how much they are enjoying watching the actor in the role, with some calling it their 'favourite incarnation' yet.

'Love Rebus and especially Ken Stott but this new series is fantastic. Binge watched the lot Richard Rankin is so perfect as Rebus,' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter).

'The humour, the violence, the language spot on. Great seeing Edinburgh sights as well. Hope there's another series.'

And another wrote, 'I absolutely love Ken Stott, but this has to be my favourite incarnation of Rebus. Fingers crossed for many more series with Richard Rankin.'

But fans did have one criticism of the actor, with some saying he's 'too good looking' to be Rebus.

One fan of the BBC show wrote, 'I understand why you’re proud to promote this series, but isn’t there a little, niggling voice inside you saying, “this doesn’t depict the marvellous, complex character I created - the one that fans of my books have loved for decades?"'

To which another replied, 'Richard Rankin is too good looking to be Rebus. I’ve read all 29 books & struggled that Rebus is only 40-ish, given that he’s now 65-ish in the books.

'Having said all that, I thought the series was excellent. I thought Ken Stott was a perfect crabby, world-weary Rebus.'

While another said, 'Richard Rankin is outstanding as a younger Rebus!'

And another wrote, 'I’ve just finished watching the series absolutely loved it. Richard Rankin was a great Rebus and Stuart Bowman as Big Ger was outstanding. Hope there’s more in the pipeline.'

Meanwhile another said, 'What a great Rebus reboot Ian . Richard Rankin is a splendid new Rebus . Well done!'

While another wrote, 'I loved both Ken Stott & John Hannah in this role and wasn't let down by the brilliant Richard Rankin, I agree with what you've said it was absolutely superb, I binged it and thoroughly enjoyed it, roll on series 2!'

To which another replied, 'I thought John Hannah was miscast as Rebus. A fine actor but not quite right for that role. Ken Stott was excellent.'

Rebus continues next Saturday 8th June, 2024.