For the record

• An article about the Netherlands’ general election said the Party for Freedom (PVV) “won 18.6% of the vote” in the town of Volendam. It meant to say the PVV vote was 18.6 percentage points higher than at the last election; results for the Edam-Volendam constituency show the party on 42.9% in the 22 November poll, compared with 24.3% in 2021 (‘Nederlanders first’ – but it wasn’t just a slogan that won the Dutch election, 26 November, p32).

• A picture caption in last week’s paper said: “Giant waterlilies have been grown at Kew’s herbarium for 177 years.” Nothing grows in a herbarium, which is a collection of dried plant specimens; the waterlilies at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew are grown and propagated in a nursery, which is unaffected by plans to move the herbarium, and collections from other cultural institutions, to Reading University (‘Ship our museum treasures off to a science park? That’s vandalism!’, p23).

• Other recently amended articles include:

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