For the record

An article said that NHS health workers in Scotland had been offered a pay rise of “between 5% and 11%”, depending on grades. While most have been offered an uplift in this range by the government in Holyrood, for some it is less, with the increase at the highest grade coming out at 2% (We’ll suspend strikes if you talk about pay: health unions, 11 December, p1).

At the age of 20, Peter Brook directed Paul Scofield in King John at Birmingham Rep, not “as Hamlet” as an article said – although he would go on to direct Scofield in that role at the Phoenix theatre in London 10 years later (Obituaries of 2022: Peter Brook, 11 December, New Review, p17).

Proponents of the early 20th-century suprematism art movement are usually described as suprematists, not “supremacists” as we regrettably described the avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich (Ukraine’s warrior librarians, 4 December, Observer magazine, p20).

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