For the record

An error was introduced into a piece from Kampala last week. It said President Yoweri Museveni was elected more than 30 years ago. While he came to power in 1986 after a five-year guerrilla war, elections were not held until 1996 (“How insults and a campaign over sanitary towels landed activist in jail”, News, page 2).

The developers of the Neo Bankside apartment blocks on London’s South Bank are Native Land and Grosvenor, not as we said in “See how the other lives from the Tate balcony”, Comment, last week, page 39), British Land and Grosvenor.

Our recipe for prawn gyoza edited out some essential stages in the method, leaving the prawns and coriander sitting in the food processor. They should be added to the pan with the grated ginger and shredded lemongrass and cooked for three or four minutes (Magazine, last week, page 34).

Confusion crept into our Scottish edition last week when we inadvertently placed Orkney in the Outer Hebrides. Orkney is in the Northern Isles; the Outer Hebrides are the Western Isles.

(“Scotland a happy place? Don’t make me laugh”, Comment, page 39).

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