Record Store Day 2024: Gloucestershire independent record stores mark huge day for music

Badlands on St George Place, Cheltenham with co-founder Phil Jump inset
Badlands on St George Place, Cheltenham with co-founder Phil Jump inset -Credit:Will Luker

It's a big day today for music lovers as it's Record Store Day 2024. It's a day to celebrate (and hopefully visit and support) independent record stores across the UK and especially here in Gloucestershire.

It brings together fans, artists and thousands of independent record stores around the world. There are around nine record stores in Gloucestershire who are proud to sell to customers and we've spoken to two taking part to find out what the day means to them.

Amidst a celebrated vinyl-revival, Badlands on St George's Place in Cheltenham stands out - and has done for 35 years. Phil Jump, who founded the store with his late brother Steve Jump, continues to run it - specialising in classic and indie rock.

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Naming the shop after a Bruce Springsteen song is no shock to those familiar with Phil, given his immense admiration for the American rock singer, songwriter and guitarist. Phil describes Springsteen. ('The Boss') as "still great live" and he's even planning to see him perform live again in the near future.

"We do get Bruce fans coming to us and he's the greatest live act ever," Phil, 61, said. Speaking about Record Store Day, he said: "The day is amazing for us and the popularity of records have coincided with vinyl. The day is massive and we'll have around 400-500 exclusive titles for independent record stores like us and we've fully embraced it."

The queues outside Badlands for Record Store Day 2023 plus Lucas Riley looking after the shop
The queues outside Badlands for Record Store Day 2023 plus Lucas Riley looking after the shop -Credit:Phil Jump

Bringing in so many people into the shop gives Phil a buzz where he says they'll be queues along the street to come inside, which is no joke as Phil shares an image of what happened last year. The amount of record stores across the country has increased, where according to data from the Digital Entertainment and Retail Association back in March 2024 found there are now 122 more indie record shops compared with 2014.

A small dip in numbers due to the pandemic but Phil says more record stores "is very encouraging and we're finding it busier particularly with young people coming in and also buying CDs. Vinyl is a source of popular music and people do get excited by vinyl more than a download I feel. The sound of vinyl is great and that's the way it is meant to be!"

Lucas Riley, 22, looks after shop, a job he has been doing since July 2023. With this being his first Record Store Day, Lucas said: "It has been rewarding. It's exciting too and the whole time I'll be seeing so many faces full of excitement. I'm the first to unbox the records and it is a lot of anticipation. It's a passion here and seeing customers take home a record they've been looking for, what's not to love!"

Tom Berry runs Sound Records in Stroud
Tom Berry runs Sound Records in Stroud -Credit:Will Luker

The second record store to speak to for the big day itself is Sound Records in Stroud on George Street. Being in the town for six years, 50-year-old Tom Berry, says the shop will have exclusive releases and "it's an opportunity for people to enjoy and purchase vinyl culture and show what collecting records is all about."

Specialising a lot in global music and also dance, Tom adds: "I spent many years collecting and Record Store Day is about enjoying listening to music as well. I think the variety of people who come in here and see their faces full of excitement is brilliant. For me vinyl has a deeper warmer sound and the artwork is also good as something you can own and cherish it."