Red Bull Dance Your Style competitions: Big Freedia performs at New Orleans dance-off

Margaret Abrams

Red Bull might be best known for their energy drinks but they also put on events worldwide - and one recent competition was a stunning dance battle in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“I love Red Bull, they support everything that I do. They always support music and they’re always pushing music. Today I’m expecting to see some amazing dancers,” New Orleans bounce artist Big Freedia told Insider, before taking the stage at the city’s Red Bull Dance Your Style competition.

(Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool)

Freedia performed for the competitors, who were set to engage in a dance battle. It was a fitting combination, as Freedia and her backup dancers are known for their gravity-defying moves.

The battles were one on one, with contestants going up against each other to the same song as the audience cheered them on. Then, the crowd took charge, holding up bracelets they turned red or blue to vote for their favorite contestant. It was a tough choice, as competitors showed off their best moves.

It was a fitting event for New Orleans, where bounce originated and dancers are famous for next level twerking.

(Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool)

“We have a very unique culture here and a very unique style of dance in the way that we do it," Freedia said. "With bounce music, we do a whole lot more and everyone is so unique in the way that they move and their personality. All of that plays a big part in the culture here of the style of dancing."

Ultimately, Tennessee-based dancer Spider Alexander won the contest and was near tears when it was announced. Alexander took to Instagram to share the news, writing, "This wasn’t a competition to me this was more of I just want to show y’all what I love to do."

Previous Red Bull events have included their annual “Flugtag,” wherein competitors create their own airplanes - a vastly different kind of competition from this year's contest.

If you missed the New Orleans event, there's still time to hit up another one. The World Final will take place in Paris on October 12 but before that, the event is heading to Las Vegas on September 28. The battles previously hit Miami, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

(Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool)

So swap your beignets for baguettes and head to Paris. Don't worry, the audience doesn't have to dance - but you'll probably want to bop along as you hold your colorful wristband up to vote.