The biggest mysteries in ITV's Red Eye

The series premiere featured several mysteries for fans to uncover over the next six weeks.

Red Eye (ITV)
Red Eye stars Richard Armitage and Jing Lusi as Dr Matthew Nolan and DC Hana Li. (ITV)

Red Eye has landed on ITV, bringing a new and exciting thriller to the small screen starring Richard Armitage and Jing Lusi.

The drama sees Armitage play Matthew Nolan, a doctor who is accused of being involved in the murder of a young woman in Beijing. Upon arriving back from his trip Nolan is arrested, and though he professes his innocence he is extradited back to China to face charges with DC Hana Li (Lusi) as his guard on the flight back.

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But a lot can happen on the flight, and the show's premiere episode featured a number of dramatic moments that have left a few mysteries for viewers to solve. Here is every mystery from the show's first episode.

Every mystery in ITV's Red Eye

Is Matthew Nolan guilty?





Pictured:JING LUSI as DC Hana Li and RICHARD ARMITAGE as DR Matthew Nolan.

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The series revolves around Dr Matthew Nolan, who is accused of killing a woman in China and fleeing back to England to avoid facing justice. (ITV)

The main question that is raised in the show is around Matthew Nolan, and whether or not he is guilty of killing Shen Zhao (Elane Tan). In the opening segment of the episode viewers see Nolan get into a car after being in a night club, he gets in alone and drives during a storm.

Having been stabbed, no sooner does he escape that he crashes his car. It is later said that a woman's body was found in the back of the car that Nolan had crashed, suggesting that he had killed her and fled the scene before escaping to England.

The character has since repeatedly said that he is not guilty and is being framed, even going so far as telling passengers at the airport to record him as he explained that he was innocent and putting their videos on social media.

But what's to say he isn't lying? There is a moral grey area with the character, so it's unclear if viewers should believe what he says or question his every move. Will audiences see Nolan in a positive light because Armitage is the one playing him? Very possibly.

Watch the trailer for Red Eye:

Armitage spoke to Yahoo UK about the role, saying: "When you're very unsure of 'should I trust them? Should I trust them by default?' We should trust Matthew Nolan because he's a doctor, he's taken the Hippocratic Oath, he's a person who saves lives he doesn't kill people and then run away from the scene of the crime.

"But there's this blackout on the night that it happened so, in himself, he's unsure of what really happened and starts to doubt himself. Through the course of the story, he even starts to doubt whether what they're saying about him is true and he doesn't know what his role is in this this political game."

Intriguing, perhaps this blackout period means that Nolan actually did commit the crime, but viewers will have to wait to find out.

Who tried to poison Matthew Nolan?

Red Eye (ITV)
Red Eye's first episode already saw someone try to poison Matthew Nolan's vegan meal. (ITV)

The reason that Nolan's innocence is questionable is what happens with him when his extradition begins, as during the flight he is given a vegan meal. When another passenger is told it's too late to request a vegan meal as well, Nolan offers his food to the man as he claims he's not hungry.

After the man eats the food he suddenly becomes unwell and dies, with it being suggested that he was poisoned but it was Nolan who was meant to be the target. This suggests that someone wants to get rid of Nolan for a reason, perhaps to make him an easy scapegoat for the crime.

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If that's the case then perhaps Nolan really is innocent, and someone else is trying to blame him for their actions. As the plan continues its journey, can Nolan stay alive long enough to prove this is the case?

The question over who is responsible remains a mystery, but it seems perfectly possible that several people are involved including an air steward and an unknown character that was seen getting on the plane with a gun and watching Nolan menacingly.

Who is the passenger on the plane?

Red Eye (ITV)
Dan Li plays Toni Zhang in Red Eye, a mysterious figure who is very interested in Matthew Nolan. (ITV)

This brings us to the passenger, Toni Zhang (Dan Li). The character is clearly an important figure in the case even if he has yet to be properly introduced by episode one, because why would he be allowed on the plane with a gun?

Toni may be there to harm Nolan, but he also may well be there to make sure he gets to his destination to face charges. Either way, Toni is on board for a reason and the preview for the series as a whole suggests that he will clash with DC Li on at least one occasion.

Who is hidden inside the cargo bay?

Red Eye (ITV)
There appear to be a lot of threats that Matthew and Hana will face on their flight to Beijing. (ITV)

There's a few seemingly nefarious figures on Nolan's flight, and episode one ends with another dramatic reveal — someone has hidden themself in the cargo bay.

While they have not yet been revealed, the character was seen working with airport crew to load luggage onto the plane. When the crew left a comment was made about them being missing, but believing they had gotten off the plane the other staff didn't think anything of it.

In fact, they should have been worried because the person hid themselves away and is now set to go from the cargo bay onto the plane. Who could it be? Perhaps someone sent to kill Nolan if the poisoning didn't work (which it didn't) — viewers will just have to wait and see.

Why is MI5 involved?

Red Eye (ITV)
Lesley Sharp as Madeleine Delaney in Red Eye. (ITV)

Another mystery in the show is the role MI5 director Madeleine Delaney (Lesley Sharp) is set to take part in the series.

In the first episode she has meetings with the Chinese consulate to discuss Nolan's extradition, but as time goes on Delaney appears to be the key to uncovering the truth about the night that the crime took place. Will Delaney help clear Nolan's name? She very well could.

Red Eye airs on ITV1 every Sunday at 9pm, and all episodes are available on ITVX now.