ITV Red Eye viewers hit out at 'medical error' after tragic twist at end of first episode

ITV Red Eye
ITV Red Eye -Credit:ITV


While many viewers declared they were 'instantly hooked' on new thriller Red Eye, it came under from critics over something that happened in the closing moments of its first episode, as one character met a tragic end.

After weeks of teasers being on heavy rotation on every ITV channel, the high flying drama made its debut in the 9pm slot previously occupied by opinion dividing series Passenger, with a cast led by Netflix icon Richard Armitage as Dr Matthew Nolan, who was apprehended by police on arriving home from the UK from China, after a car crash overseas and being told that the dead body of a woman was found in his vehicle.

Despite protesting his innocence, Dr Nolan was swiftly put back on flight to Beijing to face interrogation from the Chinese authorities, as DC Hana Li was sent to accompany them. And, just as the plane was about to take off, Red Eye viewers were made aware that all wasn't quite right, as a mysterious figure was seen lurking on deck.

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Things then took a turn when a passenger named Daniel Lomax asked for a vegan meal, with Dr Nolan offering up his, declaring he wasn't hungry. It took just minutes for Daniel to make a dart for the bathroom, looking in significant distress, before re-emerging and falling to the floor choking, as Dr Nolan persuaded DC Li to release him from handcuffs and let him help ,as he suspected his fellow passenger was having a heart attack.

Sadly, despite being handed some GTN spray by another traveller and attempting CPR, Dr Nolan's efforts were in vein as Daniel passed away, as Dr Nolan cottoned onto the fact that Daniel could have been poisoned by food intended for his consumption.

Although gripped by the drama in Red Eye, some critics were quick to condemn the demonstration of CPR, with one taking to X to complain: "Lousy example of CPR on Red Eye. Why can't dramas get this right?" Making the same damning observation, another viewer wrote: "Hmmm. If he’s got a shockable rhythm, surely then you’d keep going til The Defib advises otherwise?" as a third reacted: "who taught that Doctor how to do CPR?!"