The Red King star teases "unexpected" new drama from Doctor Who writer

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The Red King star teases "unexpected" new dramaUKTV/Alibi

The Red King star Anjli Mohindra has previewed her "unexpected" new police show from Doctor Who writer Toby Whithouse.

Also the creator of supernatural series Being Human and alternate history drama Noughts + Crosses, Whithouse's latest TV project sees Mohindra play sergeant Grace Narayan, who encounters a hostile community while investigating a missing teenager's case on the tiny island of St Jory.

Teasing the six-parter, the Bodyguard cast member told RadioTimes: "It wasn't what I expected. What's so brilliant about it is it feels grounded, it feels like a world that we kind of maybe know at first – that sort of gritty, police world with characters you feel [are] very authentic to those crime dramas that we watch in this country.

anjli mohindra, the red king

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"Then things take a very unexpected twisty turn and I just think what's so great is it's always grounded in reality but then there's all these crazy things going on," she continued.

"As soon as I read it, I thought that it feels accessible in the way that it feels familiar, but then it feels like everything's flipped on its head. I really loved it, really loved the tone that Toby created."

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Her character Grace is sent to St Jory as a punishment after falling into disrepute with her inner-city colleagues.

She "quickly discovers that she must overcome scarce evidence, extraordinary local characters, and the island's strange cult history to uncover the truth," adds a synopsis.

If The Red King sounds like it could be right up your street, we recommend checking out similarly eerie shenanigans in HBO's The Third Day and Netflix horror Apostle.

The Red King will air on Alibi.

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