The red wine you should buy at supermarket - and one to avoid that tastes 'revolting'

Tom Gilbey
-Credit: (Image: TikTik/tomgilbeywine)

A wine connoisseur and TikTok star has slammed a well-liked red wine, labelling it as "absolutely revolting".

Tom Gilbey, the wine expert who's become a hit on TikTok for his candid reviews, recently shared his verdict on a Portuguese red that's supposed to boast "dark fruit flavours and a hint of spice." In his latest viral TikTok video, the influencer affectionately dubbed "the wine guy" sampled the £8 Porto 6 from Lisbon, made with 50% Tinta Roriz grapesSpain's Tempranillo equivalent.

For those uninitiated in the complexities of red wine, the array of grape varieties can be daunting, potentially prompting a switch to non-alcoholic options. Thankfully, Tom is there to demystify, explaining that Tempranillo is the grape behind those "soft, juicy, give-me-a-hug wines from Rioja."

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Confronted with the Portuguese offering adorned with a tram image, he questioned: "But have we got a give me a hug wine from Portugal? For £8 it is quite cheap."

As he swirled the wine to unlock its bouquet, he characterised the aroma as a mix of "a bit of black fruit, some dark cherry, some plum and liquor chocolates - like the kind left over from Christmas."

After giving the wine a taste, the expert swiftly repudiates it with a remark that leaves no ambiguity: "That's absolutely revolting. It's like jammy, juicy nothingness that gets you, Porta 6, a massive, hairy no". While the Portuguese red is never likely to be on Tom's Christmas list, there is one supermarket alternative that he has previously praised.

Tom Gilbey
Tom Gilbey really liked the Jacobs Creek Shiraz -Credit:TikTok/tomgilbeywine

In another recent review, the connoisseur weighed in on Jacobs Creek Double Barrelled Mature Shiraz, a worthy accompaniment for a tasty steak. Characterising this supermarket best-seller, he observed: "It's dark and deep exactly what I want a Shiraz to look like, almost black inside. It's ripe, it's blackberry, and it's got that little bit of mint that I get from a really good Australian Shiraz."

After taking a generous sip, he exclaimed: "It's got lovely creaminess to it, it's quite rich, it's got a bit of residual sugar I think and the tannins are really soft."

Concluding that the £10.50 Jacobs Creek is indeed a "red wine with massive nuts", the wine buff heartily advised spending a bit more for superior quality and leaving the Porto 6 untouched.