Reddit introduces new tools for ‘Ask Me Anything,’ its Q&A feature

Reddit announced on Tuesday the launch of five new tools for AMA (Ask Me Anything), its Q&A feature where celebrities, public figures, organizations and Redditors engage with community members and provide answers about a certain topic. The new features include the ability to add guest collaborators, a scheduling function, notifications and more.

As part of the update, Reddit also launched a dedicated AMA tab within the web post composer. This tab allows users to create an AMA session the same way they would a regular post. The tab is currently rolling out to desktop but will be available on the mobile app soon.

Up to five guests can now assist hosts in responding to questions, a handy feature for those who receive a lot of questions from followers and need additional help. This is the first time a host (or original poster) is able to add guest collaborators to an AMA.

Another helpful new feature is the ability to schedule a post to promote the AMA, which can be set up to 21 days in advance. This gives hosts more time to create buzz around the live Q&A session.

To end an AMA, hosts now have the ability to leave a note to address any final questions or share helpful links.

Reddit has also introduced features to enhance the AMA experience for participants. For instance, there’s a new “Remind Me” button that will notify users 24 hours and right before an AMA goes live.

Additionally, users now have the option to use new filters to switch between questions with answers and those without answers, allowing them to focus on the most relevant content.

The new AMA experience arrives on the heels of Reddit’s first earnings call as a public company, during which it reported generating $243 million of revenue in Q1, a 48% increase from the same period a year prior.